Anbei finden Sie diverse Hospitationsprotokolle  Mittelstufe, Situations- und handlungsbezogenes Sprechen live-online Thema: Familie 2. Grammatik – Passiversatzformen (Leseverstehen mit Grammatik, B1/B2) 3. Grundkurs 1 Thema: Kennenlernen, der Einzug, die Länder 4. Grundkurs 1 Thema: Die Konjugation der Verben mit Vokalwechsel, Wiederholung und Einübung der Zahlen 5.  Situations- und handlungsbezogenes Sprechen live-online für die Mittelstufe Thema: […]

Der Akinator

Hinter dem 10. Türchen verbirgt sich ein nettes online Spielzeug, der Akinator, das den Unterricht auflockern kann und so nebenbei schöne Beispiele für die Ja/Nein Fragen liefert. Man kann übrigens auch im Klassenzimmer und ohne Computer ähnliche Spiele spielen. Ich nutze diese Fragemethode bei den Wechselpräpositionen. Jemand denkt an einen Gegenstand in dem Raum und […]

Enabling Our Students To Learn

Early Modern universities initially continued the curriculum and research of the Middle Ages: natural philosophy, logic, medicine, theology, mathematics, astronomy (and astrology), law, grammar and rhetoric. Aristotle was prevalent throughout the curriculum, while medicine also depended on Galen and Arabic scholarship. The importance of humanism for changing this state-of-affairs cannot be underestimated. Once humanist professors […]

multicultural community for learning.

The university culture developed differently in northern Europe than it did in the south, although the northern (primarily Germany, France and Great Britain) and southern universities (primarily Italy) did have many elements in common. Latin was the language of the university, used for all texts, lectures, disputations and examinations. Professors lectured on the books of […]

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European higher education took place for hundreds of years in Christian cathedral schools or monastic schools (scholae monasticae), in which monks and nuns taught classes; evidence of these immediate forerunners of the later university at many places dates back to the 6th century. The earliest universities were developed under the aegis of the Latin Church […]

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Education began in prehistory, as adults trained the young in the knowledge and skills deemed necessary in their society. In pre-literate societies this was achieved orally and through imitation. Story-telling passed knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to the next. As cultures began to extend their knowledge beyond skills that could be readily learned […]

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